Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Today at Silicon

There was a lot happening, as there always is in our little shop today, I (Kaitlin) am working on some prints for the very talented (you have to check out is work) Chris Clark. His show is coming up soon although I will have to get more details to post later. I just do the prints! ;)
I don't think anyone would argue with me when I say there is a certain magic that happens at Silicon. Of course I will give credit here to our amazing printers and scanners and super array of fabulous paper, but! BUT! Without the unique blend of people working here and the artists we work with we would have none of that!

Amazing artists cross paths, problems are solved, we blow peoples minds with the quality of the work... One of my favorite moments at Silicon happened about 3 years ago I believe, when I was working with Zoe Strauss on her photographs for her first show at the Bruce Silverstein Gallery in New York. She was loving all the work she saw on the table and in the flat files and we came across Judith Scheachter's portfolio which we had finished I think the year before.. I was like, Zoe have you ever met Judith? I figured they must have.. both amazing women, amazing artists.. Both very interesting individuals who live in south Philly no less. Probably with in a 5 block radius.... So anyway, back to the point. They had never met.. that is until Judith walks through the door and I was like OMG this is nuts, history in the making!!!... So they met and praised each other.. and i felt really proud and honored to be there in that moment. (i have many moments like this but to much sentimentality for one post I am afraid)

Blast to the present moment........... the present...
Today my partner in crime Ms. Katie Tackman and I decided to create a blog we could share the projects and goings on of Silicon Life... from the two K's perspectives.

xoxo kaitlin

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